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cod ( ・`д・´)

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Can Momo’s eye turn on in a small room with a few people though? We never see her use her eye in like the apartment, and when talking to her mom, she already had her attention and the only other person was Shin. That is what I got from that anyways.

well not to say that momo had used her own powers but it indicated that she was now alive because the snake had revived her. this scene takes place only moments or even a few days after the disappearance of her dad so its natural for the snake to be adjusting to the body thus showing red eyes??? dunno its done and done ww 

there are some nice things going on and a few things worthy of side-eyeing. but hey its shaft. madoka wasnt considered amazing until ep 3 so

true true

let’s just see what happens in ep 3

the first episode was p good but the second episode is a little iffy. at least they brought up death and how someones life changes after the eyes???

 aaa yeah…

i just thought they would have at least implied or showed momo’s eyes flashing red when she was crying to her mo m

i mean no need to rush the plot or give away at anything but i just felt we didnt see enough red eyes to…really show that momo had uncontrollably used them??? not to say in the episode it was dumb but…i just felt it lacking? 



Tateyama Kenjirou & Kisaragi Momo 


Tateyama Kenjirou & Kisaragi Momo 

who punched out my speakers